Artifact – New weapon system in WoW Legion

World of Warcraft's Artifact Weapon will Just Be Legion Exclusive

On the occasion of the new World of Warcraft: Legion expansion release, Blizzard is preparing a small revolution concerning gear. Players will no longer loot weapons from fallen enemies. Instead, each character will have his own dedicated legendary weapon.

One for each player!

There are 36 kinds of weapon available, which means one for each specialization. Weapons have been custom designed to suit the nature of each character. Warriors from various divisions can expect huge double handed swords; whilst Assassins will receive a set of knives for example. Your character will need to obtain his weapon in a manner specific to his character type. Death Knight, for example, will need to visit the foot of the Icecrown mountain to find a shard of the legendary Frostmourne sword.

Just because your weapon is predetermined doesn’t mean things will be boring – the weapon will develop along with your character. By taking part in main WoW: Legion events like raids and dungeons, as well as by simply leveling the character, players will be rewarded with Artifact Power points. These points will be used to unlock weapon improvements which increase its stats or help gain it new skills. We already know that you will be able to receive and max out all the attributes of your weapon. The skill tree will not force you to choose any given bonuses, instead you will decide which ones to unlock first. Blizzard confirms that maximizing your Artifact Power will be a time consuming job.



Relics and aesthetics

Weapons can be also improved thanks to relics found on the battlefield. Relics, once attached to a weapon, will strengthen its properties. Developers wanted to give us a greater ability to adjust the gear to our playstyle. For example, if you focus on the Artifact Power skills which increase the AoE damage of a particular skill, you can enhance this skill even more by attaching a corresponding Relic to it.



Customization is not only limited to stats and skills – players will be able to change the looks of their weapons. Every weapon can have many models applied to it, and they can be unlocked in many different ways. Some of them can be unlocked with simple leveling of your character, others can be granted via Prestige Ranks earned during PvP. The rarest ones will require you to have a fully developed Artifact Power and complete an important quest or raid. For the biggest aesthetes, there is a color coding system that helps your weapon stand out amongst other players.


The premiere of World of Warcraft: Legion expansion takes place on 30th August.



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