Endgame in WoW Legion – Equipment, raids, pvp and more!


After the release of World of Warcraft: Legion expansion, players will be delighted to test their skills in brand new gameplay. When the first round of battle comes to an end, many level 110 characters will be looking for new challenges. Let’s see what the Legion offers in terms of endgame content.

World Quests and Emissaries

A player who reaches level 110 will be quick to notice new icons appearing on his map. These are the World Quests – profitable timed quests. World Quests may include epic fights with powerful bosses (World Bosses), PvP battles or simple crafting and minigame quests. The type is shown on the map so that you can easily plan your moves while fulfilling these challenges. You should consider the time limits when preparing your adventure path – though some of the quests may last for weeks, others can disappear within an hour. Your persistence will be rewarded with high quality equipment, relics, crafting materials and other items vital to endgame development.



Within the World Quest system you can expect a new feature – Emissaries. These are the representatives of the most important WoW factions who will ask you to complete certain World Quest sets (each set consists of 4 quests). For completing these sets you will be showered with endgame rewards. It is worth mentioning that each emissary changes his wishlist every 3 days, so remember to stick to the calendar so that you won’t end up with a set that nobody needs.

Adventures in Suramar

There is one region in the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion where only the highest level players are allowed to enter. Suramar, being the endgame region, is something completely new as it offers no great loot, Honor points or Artifact Power. Instead, players will dive into an incredible plot and discover the fate of people who have put too much trust in magical powers.

The entire Suramar community was established around the Nightwell which is their source of power. The division of power however, is not equal. Consequently, there is a group of eagerly awaiting dropouts, ready to capture just drop of this magical “resource” if they can. Social inequalities between the eccentric higher class that has unlimited access to the well,  and the almost bestialized desperados striving for life-giving power provide the main plot backdrop which players will experience.

Suramar will not satisfy players who are merely looking for the chance to develop their characters. However, Blizzard strongly believes in the idea of a fictional realm as the endgame (they have prepared quite a vast number of voice-overs for NPCs). The land of Suramar is worth visiting as a springboard from ordinary MMO quests.


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New raids and challenges

After a relaxing trip to the land of Suramar, players will surely dream of returning to some fast-paced action. For those devotees there are two new raids prepared: Emerald Nightmare and Suramar Palace. In the first one, you will visit an idyllic Emerald Dream world which has been violated by evil (though there will be also be some untainted areas), to kill the sinister Xavius. The latter will take place in the middle of Suramar, where you will hunt down a well-known character to Warcraft universe fans – Gul’Dan.



Aside from the raids, prepare for new dungeons. Your adventures will be enriched with a brand new difficulty level: Mythic+, whose distinguishing feature will be the Keystone Container. Thanks to your dungeon victories, the container will level up, increasing dungeon difficulty and providing you with better rewards. What makes them even more interesting is that after level 3 and level 6 of Keystone Container, special characteristics are acquired called affixes (which make gameplay even more challenging). So, if you are looking for endgame challenges (and rewards), Mythic+ will not disappoint you.



PvP in WoW: Legion

You won’t be bored in the endgame as it provides great activities even for WoW troupers focused on PvP. In the Legion you will need to master a completely new skills tree. These skills will work only in PvP areas and players will use Honor points to improve them. With the release of the Legion, PvP skills will play the main role in fights between players as you will no longer be able to spend Honor points on gear. What’s more, your gear impact on the final result of the duel will be minimized, so you will need to switch on your tactical skills.



Artifacts – new weapon system

Endgame will also be a great occasion to max out your weapon power level. WoW fans, who follow all the hot news about the expansion, probably know that each specialization will receive a weapon that can be improved with Artifact Power points and Relics. Its power will increase from the very beginning, but only the endgame events will let you fully develop its potential. In addition, taking part in raids, World Quests and other events will provide you with access to unique weapon models, which will symbolize the status of the Legion veteran.



Class Halls – Garrison substitute

Speaking of the endgame phase, the Class Halls should also be mentioned. These are bases created for each class and accessible to entire class groups. Thanks to them, you will feel as part of the greater community. Secondly, you will embark on a special campaign dedicated to a particular class. Completing certain quests is a good way to enhance your endgame equipment and experience a true adventure.



You will not be complaining about a lack of attractions in the Legion endgame. You will be able to discover all of its secrets from August 30th.

It is therefore worth thinking about getting the WoW: Legion preorder so that you sleep like a baby whilst eagerly awaiting the moment that all Azeroth Heroes are anticipating.

If you’re just beginning your World of Warcraft adventure, bear in mind that in order to experience unforgettable battles against the deadly forces of the Legion, you need to have already purchased the previous expansions and paid for your subscription.

This shouldn’t be a problem for those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to get a taste of the epic adventure. Some time ago, Blizzard released the so-called Battle Chests with new players in mind –  these include all the up-to-date expansions and a 30 days subscription.

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