Esport, however, not a sport


IEM is still on. And actually the second phase of this year’s Intel Extreme Masters, because the first took place last weekend. Somehow fitting comment.

A few weeks ago, she whined themselves about e-sports, vaguely explaining how it is that it purports esport not suitable for rooting. Many people disagreed with me, actually the majority, but I still think that it is very difficult to become attached emotionally to some teams and live its successes and failures. And yet it regularly, almost every day, watch the competition provisions of the American, European and sometimes the Korean professional league League of Legends. Paradox? No, not at all. There is no contradiction here, if you just think a moment and discover the main difference between Esporte and sport.

Of course, we all know what is the difference. True athletes run, jump, dig the ball and doing telemark. A esportowcy just sit on their butts and click. But I will not delve into this digression, because I just wanted to say that this is not the main difference. Not at all. What really differentiates one from the other? Participation. Football is such a thing, is not it? Apparently it is the most popular sport on the planet. And fun. Hundreds of millions with bated breath watching the performances of various Messich, Ronaldów and Lewandowskich. It’s no wonder, because they are excellent at what they do and provide a lot of excitement with their skills. And that’s it. Nothing more. We can look at Lewandowski five goals in one match and sigh with delight, but if we can repeat ourselves? Well not really. The vast majority of fans and football fans in general kicked ball is not a copy. And among these, which sometimes it happens only garsteczka true professionals is high enough skill and understanding of the game, something that can actually get out of this watch, learn something, get rich more than just beautiful emotions. All the rest is close to their sporting heroes, but very, very far away from the sport as such. After watching the Champions League final could at most reach for another beer and pomarudzić that the chips are over. And fans of eSports?

That is the crucial and most important difference. I watch some interesting match league LCS, and immediately after I run League of Legends and try to use what you’ve learned while watching. Esport is bad for rooting, compared to traditional sports. But its educational value is a thousand times richer. Anyone can imitate, for better or worse. Every action, every play, every detail of the game gives us the knowledge that we can use the best of our ability. I use. At least, I use it. We learned a lot thanks to watching the tournament professionals. Sure, I do not have such reflexes as they do not have these skills, but it did not matter, because I still have a lot of “material”, which I use. Everyone has. The player completely green and novice, to the best ones, where little lacking, that they took part in competitions at the highest level. Novice through watching than yourself will better understand the basic principles governing the gameplay. The player more advanced better understand the tactics and behavior appropriate to the current phase of the game. A nearly-pro can catch up with all kinds of small details, which the two men have not even see, but which are often decisive.

They are gaining on electronic sports. Knowledge gain. Can watch for entertainment, bright, qualities such matches professionals also have the time. But above all, they serve as a tie. The best possible tie, role models. Sometimes even thoughtless, but that’s another kettle of fish. Esportowcy, professionals from the world’s best teams are those horses towing the whole community, pioneers who lead the new routes, which later routes follow the rest. They develop new tactics, implement new strategies, try this or that, to develop the game and it amounts to the next level. And then it flows down to those who were and are following, and then those who follow imitating and so on. The whole fan community is enriched, develops and matures precisely by the fact that the best of them play on the show. Everyone benefits.

Classic sports are passive. A handful of them are grown, uncounted crowds and just stare. And that is fine. Esport other hand, is something else entirely. Here are all players. Better or worse, but they share is that what each game. It is the participation, it is active, it is the opposite of the traditional sports, where there is a division between the elite and the mob. In communities game fans distribution of limited skills. Besides, everyone is equal. And it is fantastic. Yet there is something even better. Watching a football game Emotions. They attract us to this, the cheering gives us the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat. Not our victories and defeats. Someone. We are with them ID-data

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