Mythic+ difficulty – Dungeon system review in WoW Legion

With the arrival of a new expansion: Legion to the World of Warcraft, a new hardcore level of difficulty will become available. Mythic+ is an enhanced version of Mythic dungeons, which aside from a higher challenge level, also offers loot of the highest class. In order to test out strength levels in the new mode, you have to enter the Mythic dungeon in a team of 5 players. At the entrance we are greeted with a novelty, the Challenger’s Pedestal. If we bought the Keystone Container from the Donjon Rade previously, we can use it on the Challenger’s Pedestal to create an object called the Challenger’s Keystone.

The Pedestal changes everything

The Challenger’s Keystone is a key which is available in 3 tiers, for the new level that is Mythic+. When we lay it on the pedestal, we will see the affixes which will affect the dungeon. After clicking „Start Challenge”, the race against the clock begins. Our team will have 45 minutes to completely clear out the dungeon. If we’re successful, our Challenger’s Keystone will level up accordingly. It is worth mentioning here that if we do this exceptionally fast, Keystone will receive additional levels. With each addition, the dungeon will get even more dangerous (however with the 3rd and 6th addition there will be new elements added, so-called affixes, which work on a global level, modifying the characteristics of either the enemies or heroes, depending on their types).



As an example, the Skittish affix means that the tank will gain a lot less aggro. When the Volcanic affix kicks into the game, enemies will start shooting flames from below, literally setting the ground on fire beneath their enemies feet. The game does not assign affixes permanently and they will be changed each week, thus enabling players to try all of the types of torture prepared by Blizzard (after the 6th level, players must struggle with two affixes simultaneously). Obviously the raised level of difficulty comes with an even more attractive prize: for clearing out the Mythic+ instance, players will be showered with first class equipment.

Affixes in Mythic+ dungeons

The full list of available affixes has not yet been released. Below we can familiarize ourselves with the challenges that have been available up until now. Sources say that affixes will be paired up in coordinating duos, as opposed to randomly paired up. This will make players really hate some of them.



Each difficulty level increases health and so does any damage incurred by enemies by a given percentage:

  • Levels 1 (8%) and 2 (17%) – No additional affixes
  • Levels 3-5 (26%) – One Affix (Tyranical, Bolstering, Raging or Teeming)
  • Level 6 (59%), level 7 (71%), level 8 (85%) – Two affixes: One from the previous list and one of the following (Necrotic, Volcanic, Skittish, and Decay).


A few important information about Mythic +

  • Players have 45 minutes to complete the dungeon in order get through to the next level
  • Acquisition of loot does not depend on the time took to complete the dungeon
  • Mythic+ is only limited by keystone availability, as opposed to a week-long blockade of loot.
  • Whilst the Keystone advances, a new dungeon is drawn out at random


Affixes available on level 3+:

  • Tyrannical – Bosses have an increased amount of life as well as damage dealt.
  • Bolstering – Enemies, after their death will strengthen their allies by increasing their health and damage dealt.
  • Raging – Opponents on their low health points will be able to obtain buff „enrage”, doubling their DPS.
  • Teeming – Increased number of enemies in the whole dungeon; a higher number of enemies to kill.

Affixes available on level 6+

  • Necrotic – Melee damage dealt by the enemy will apply a stacking debuff that inflicts damage and reduces healing received.
  • Volcanic – Enemies cause eruptions under the feet of their opponents which are attacking from a distance
  • Skittish – The Tank generates a lot less aggro
  • Decay – All players takes damage over time whilst in the dungeon

Current affix pairings (subject to change once Legion leaves the beta phase)

  • Teeming/Skittish
  • Raging/Necrotic
  • Bolstering/Decay
  • Tyrannical/Volcanic
  • Teeming/Necrotic
  • Raging/Volcanic
  • Bolstering/Skittish
  • Tyrannical/Decay

Challenge system moves forward

As explained by Developers of World of Warcraft: Legion on the game forum, Mythic+ is a more fluid enhancement to the already well known Challenge idea. The option of scaling the difficulty level with the help of Keystones, lets us adapt the game to players needs, whilst the changing theme of the affixes ensures that we constantly come across new struggles. The larger time limit is not without significance, as this helps to focus the gameplay on more specific actions rather than having a somewhat abstract race against the clock. It is already possible to test Mythic+ dungeon if You have access to beta version of World of Warcraft: Legion.


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