Prepare to the start – Gran Turismo Sport beta is coming


Unfortunately, access to it will be very limited, and most likely have American players.

Polyphony Digital, as usual, has very ambitious plans for a new part of Gran Turismo and traditionally their implementation takes time. According to the plan we had every right to play in full production, but after moving the premiere waited until the phase of closed beta testing. And it is firmly closed. Beta will start on 17th of March, but in its first phase will have access chosen by the creators of the players who have registered an account with America. A group of beta testers will be successively expanded – and finally access to the game you will also receive players who have registered with the European game’s forum. It does not change the fact that to get access to Gran Turismo Sport will have to rely on luck.

Players to whom fate smiles, however, can count on access to the cross-section of different tracks, cars and sports – the list will be continually changed, so that testers can test as many different elements. From news worth mentioning access to integrated with the game profiles, drivers, features, Sportsmanship Rating collecting information on the behavior of a player on the track (similar to Drivatarów of Forzy) and a Driver Rating, which in turn classifies players by the speed and skill – the latter two elements will played the biggest role in the matchmaking sure that the race will be matched players with similar skills and approach to racing.

The creators encourage participation in the tests below harbinger.

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