PvP System in WoW Legion will make You resubscribe!


Blizzard has finally rolled their sleeves up and started to fix the damaged „balance”of PvP battles. The result of these efforts is evident in the Legion expansion, which has introduced many changes. Thanks to these changes, battles between players will once again become a real tactical deal.

Balance first and foremost

Up until now, even as a strategic genius and a master of a given specialism, we could get annihilated by an average player just because he has high level equipment at his disposal. Beginners who wanted to test themselves out in battle also gets annihilated by well-equipped veterans. Blizzard therefore decided to balance out players chances by eliminating the equipment as an important factor of PvP battles. In the Legion, once on the battlefield, we will get stripped of our gear. Instead, each specialization will be granted with a unique set of equipment, designed by developers to highlight the strongest assets of a particular playstyle. The equipment will still matter, but its influence will be very weak – each gear level above average will add only 0.1% to the statistics.

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What will determine victory?

The answer is the newest skills tree dedicated to PvP battles. So-called Honor Talents are separately designed for each specialization and provide the opportunity to develop in many different ways therefore, players will be able to decide exactly how they want to fight in Arenas and other PvP dedicated places.

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Back to the roots

Along with the new expansions, each class slowly became something like an MMO “pocket knife” gaining skills that go above and beyond the specialization of a particular character (e.g. a Shaman would suddenly gain the ability to effectively stun their enemies). As a result, gameplay for some characters became much more homogeneous and slowly blurred away the uniqueness of specializations as remembered by the veterans of “basic” WoW (by the way, Blizzard fans recently sent a petition to developers asking to create a few servers with the original WoW without add-ons so called Vanilla).

In the Legion expansion this defect, which most commonly appears in PvP issues, will be fixed. Developers have worked on skillsets for various specializations, ridding them of their versatility but raising their effectiveness within their prescribed role. As an example, developers have dug their teeth into the self-healing skills for DPS classes. A flagship example of this absurd combination is the Death Knight who, if properly developed, could incur massive damage, pause combat by freezing the enemy and heal himself whilst waiting and hiding behind a corner or column. WoW Legion discards this along with many more irritating tactics perceived by players as simply unfair. From now on, classes will have to be played accordingly to their specifics if they want to be victorious.

Prestige Ranks, Glory and Honour

The Legion is also a step forward when it comes to symbolic distinction of the best players in PvP areas. Most of us, at some point, have probably wondered before battle, whether the players standing next to us are veterans of numerous combats or simply noobs that cannot be counted on. The new Prestige system enables the most talented players to stand out from the crowd, which brings them not only personal satisfaction, but is also useful in terms of tactics.

Players who are familiar with addictive Call of Duty hardcore gaming, with the Prestige system they will feel at home. The Prestige system works in almost the same way – having reached the highest level of the PvP Talent tree, we are given the option to erase our progress and start again. In exchange for this, we receive Prestige points. These points do not only have a symbolic value – they bring significant advantages.


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These will include special badges, characteristic for each faction as well as honorary titles. As for more concrete loot, we will also gather special transmog models for our Artifact Weapon which clearly shows who owns the battlefield. For success in beating „live” opponents, we will grab completely unique mounts and pets. The highest possible Prestige ranking has not yet been announced, therefore we can assume that gathering all the cool stuff will last for weeks.

To sum up, everything indicates that Legion will clear up PvP in WoW, allowing fair duels between players of very varied levels and restoring truely specialized classes right back from the very early WoW days. What’s more, players will receive additional encouragement to develop in the art of PvP – i.e rewards for leveling up their Prestige ranks. It looks like an interesting era is approaching for dueling players, and its release is scheduled for August 30th- the premiere of World of Warcraft: Legion expansion.

Preorder WoW Legion VS Newcomers

If you’ve never had the opportunity to try your hand at the best MMORPG game in the world you need to be aware of some facts. To activate the WoW: Legion expansion on your account, you need to already have all of the previous WoW expansions. This shouldn’t be a problem, as Blizzard lets us the buy all of the WoW expansions as one CD-Key, the so-called Battle Chest. This set consists of all the previous expansions which allows you to activate WoW: Legion on your account. However, to join the gameplay you must have an active subscription.
Below you will find an action plan for those interested in buying Legion, but are not sure what to do to join the battle against Legion and… want to avoid overpaying!

  1. Create a free Battle.net account on the official Battle.net page
  2. Buy the Battle Chest
  3. Preorder WoW: Legion
  4. Activate keys bought on your battle.net account
  5. Download the game – you will find a link to download the game on your battle.net account as well
  6. battlenet

We can activate our bought CD-Keys on a previously created battle.net account in “Manage My Games” tab -> “Add a Game Key” button. These are all the steps that need to be done in order to enjoy all the new features added to the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion. In this situation, you don’t need to worry about buying a separate prepaid subscription card, since the Battle Chest includes 30 days of game time.


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