The Surge with the new herald and release date


The Surge, which is an action RPG set in a dark dawn sience-fiction, lived to see the new trailer. With material udostępnionymn by the publisher of the game – Focus Home Interactive – can zapozanać above. Besides confirming that the production will be released on May 16 of this year at the most important platforms, we learned that can be carried out pre-order the game.

Regardless of platform, to any pre-of the order will be included in a set of three items that we use in the game: Ezgoszkielet CREO PS01 Limited Rig, Implant Mechanical counterweights V.0.9 and implant the sensor, which will help us in targeting the next implants. What’s more, users of PlayStation 4 may rely on additional, exclusive exoskeleton CREO PS04 Limited Rig, as well as the Cobalt Control Rod.

The Surge is responsible for the German studio Deck 13 Interactive, which can be associated with realized jointly with CI Games – Lords of the Fallen.

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