Top 5 most impressive features in WoW Legion


We are fast approaching the launch of the new expansion to World of Warcraft: Legion, which will bring many important changes. Some of them will completely change the game as so many fans know it. We would like to talk you through some of the new features which are sure to excite many gamers.

PVP System in Legion – Skills more important than equipment

A small earthquake is about to hit PvP gameplay. Up until now, we have bought gear which helped increase our chances of winning in upcoming confrontations thanks to Honor points acquired through victories against other players. This is about to completely change – in Legion, instead of exchanging honor for gear, we will put it towards a brand new PvP skills tree. The skills in this tree will function only in places of battle with live opponents. Aiming to balance out confrontations between players of varying levels, Blizzard is abolishing the influence of equipment on players. If we want to fight effectively and win, we must above all rely on our skills, as opposed to what we have on our backs or wield in our hands.

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Mythic+, the new dimension challenge

New expansion mean new challenges, as presented by the additional level of difficulty, known as Mythic+. In order to encounter this level of difficulty we need an item called a Keystone Container which will be used upon entering the “mythic” instance. Keystone activates a time limit and stronger opponents – and clearly, better loot. Completing this instance is just the beginning, since Keystone can be „levelled”, increasing the level of challenge even further. Additional difficulty are the affixes which appear on subsequent levels of this item, somewhat changing the rules of gameplay. Some of them influence the characters, lowering their statistics for example, whereas others “load up” enemies, giving them deadly abilities. Affix combinations will be changed regularly, in order to eliminate boredom.



Trip to Emerald Dream

Emerald Dream is not unheard of to those familiar with the history of Warcraft Universe, a world of ghosts, untainted by human presence, inhabited by green dragons and other powerful creatures. Up until now, Blizzard has never given fans the chance to explore this legendary dimension. Legion will also introduce a raid that takes place on the terrain of this mythical world. This beautiful land has been polluted by evil forces under the rulership of the sinister Xavius. Players will not only be able to see the Emerald Dream terrain with their own eyes, but also to defeat one of the best known figures of the evil side during the raid known as The Emerald Nightmare.

Class Halls – Special fortresses for each class

In the previous expansion, players were able to build their own private base – Garrison. Even though looking after your own fortress was a lot of fun, it did have a certain disadvantage. Each player had his own individually allotted garrison, so sooner or later they would feel quite lonely pacing along its vast and empty recesses. Developers are fixing this flaw in Legion with the help of Class Halls, which are special climatic quarters allotted to each class. These places are shared with other players of the same class, so that as we look around, we see others of the same profession bustling around and therefore feel like part of a community. What’s more, there will be special quest sets unique to each class available in the Class Halls. Experts in the fictional backdrop of Warcraft will be delighted with the fact that some of the tasks will be allocated by legendary Blizzard world characters.



NPC almost live

Up until now, the vast majority of NPC in WoW was nothing more than tags on a map for assigning quests. Blizzard has decided to pump some life back into this slightly stale set up. The result of these efforts can be seen best in the new region called Suramar. In this region we will find independent characters by searching and exploring the world as in classic RPGs for lone wolf players. Furthermore, NPC do not wait around all day and night to just assign us a task, we will often encounter them when they are busy living their own lives. At times they will ignore us as their own activities will seem more important than the solicitation of some self-proclaimed hero. The feeling that we are no longer the epicenter of the WoW world brings about a pleasant novelty from the trite formula. This is by no means all that Blizzard is preparing in terms of the WoW:Legion expansion. To find out which elements will delight fans the most we will have to wait until after the launch of the new expansion which will be on August 30th.

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